Tuesday, July 28, 2009

5:32 AM

I love the sound of quiet. In the quiet I can hear. In the quiet I can feel the connection to a balance that all is well. In the quiet of now I hear the crickets buzzing in the pre-dawn dark. The clock clicks the seconds away as it moves around and around. I feel the ship of myself ready to launch into a new day. The plans have been written, the prayers said. The adventure continues anew.

Monday, July 20, 2009


A thought falls onto the soil of the mind. Some bounce off, some lay on the surface. Then some slip in below the surface and start to grow. The best ones are of delightful insight and capture the imagination with new possibilities and realities. Some are just fantasy, but then some contain a real truthful insight and understanding. These are the ones that make life and the experience of life better. Of course other seeds of thought can grow into paranoia and pain. These can be examined to see if they contain some truth to be acted on. Most are just illusions. Trying to pull these weeds only creates resistance and binds the puller to the thought. Try allowing the self to experience the thought, and then let it to evaporate.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ironing My Shirt

In the morning around 6 am I iron my shirt and pants in a small walk in closet. In the quiet still of the morning my semi awake mind wanders through many thoughts and illusions apart from the psychical world I’m standing in. These wanderings, in the moment I’m having them, are real, have power and can influence or direct my exterior daily interaction with the world. Yet they are also vaporous and can dissolve and drift away with no real power over everyday life. It seems the thoughts that have the power are the ones I grip and hold on to and allow to create my reality. So, I’m ironing my clothes lost and gripping one of these thoughts / mind creations. In this thought I’m about to scream at a co-worker. The experience is so real that my heart is beating fast and my muscles are tight. Then I look up and I am pulled back into the here and now as I see the morning light reflecting off my sleeping daughter‘s face. The anger floats away and sweet peace takes its place.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Path Forward

Paths, choices, and all the things you have done to bring to this point in time. Looking back, thinking I could have done different. I know that this type of thinking is an illusion that holds no power, only sorrow. Standing, facing forward with the path unclear while sorting, mulling through the options and not seeing the unseen: Waiting for a sign, a guidepost, a reading from the compass as to which next step to take. Trusting and grace bring comfort. Fear and Worry bring pain.