Wednesday, May 5, 2010

San Diego Reader Art

Here's some of the work I did for the San Diego Reader. It's Scheduled for publication June24th. Roughs and final art included.


Richard Ewing said...

Those harp hands are very worrisome... love the harp lady with the heavy harp.

ANDROID said...

Rad! Thanks for sharing

Mike Tracy said...

I really love the drawings best- the finished state is also good, but doesn't strike me quite the way the ruffs do- I wish that you could simply get paid for your first impulse- this is where the vitality really is- instead we have to pretty things up politely- so we all agree on the things we won't speak of.
Hmmm, I am afraid, so very afraid, because I think I totally get teacher-man drawing.
Great stuff.

Bill Jaynes said...

I agree. The life and vitality of the drawings is best. I'm still looking for the secret to carrying that life all the way through to the finish.