Monday, May 30, 2011


Dream states, eyes closed, inner visions, asleep to the outside world and attuned to the inner.


Mardi Speth said...

Your images never cease to entertain me, Bill. The addition of the collaged dream imagery is very interesting – both the dimension and the drawings. I especially like the pattern on the jammies. Hahaha!

Richard Ewing said...

oh I DO wish you had kept the tickle toes from the very first sketch...
~~but then that would have taken us in a completely different direction..

Interesting how going 3D gives a specific sense of reality which is usually not expected in the dream world... almost the opposite of what we all experience, as we leave the 3D world to enter a different dimension in our dream state.
~~for your illustration, you've gone the other way, left the 2D drawing world to enter into the third dimension.

have I confused everyone yet?
---very nice work as usual, Bill.
I'm quite fond of the guy in the bottom corner with the hat.


Alice Andreini said...

I love your collage pieces. (I would like to see more even more layers.)

The vibrant colors really add to the intensity of the dream state. The pattern on the PJs is fun too.

I am glad that you are dreaming about driving rather dreaming while driving.