Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The winged footed messenger is Mercury in Roman borrowed from the Greek god Hermes.  Which ever name you prefer, this quick silver moves from the eternal world of the gods to the temporal world of us humans bringing the hopes of the new year.  May this coming one be your best year ever. 


Leen Christens said...

Great idea. Love your style of drawing, it's very expressive en fluent.

Richard Ewing said...

The moon is the message, and it's still a mystery as what news Hermes' message will bring... All we can do is hope.

~~but look, the turtle got HIS wish!

looks like it's a promising year.

nice work Bill.
Happy New Year.

Rod MacGregor said...

Nice drawing Bill...I am looking at the top one imagining a mural on a lñarge wall! Happy New year!!