Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Like, Samme, I make a daily to-do list as part of what I do to prepare for the day. And like Samme, some days, life has prepared its own to-do list for me and on those days its best to change mine or I will be fighting a force way more powerful than I.


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Totally fun to see! :)

Koosje Koene said...

Woops, poor Samme! I'm glad you're changing your list whenever the day has planned something else for you!

Richard Ewing said...

Like Samme I too made list galore, and ran into the same results. Now, I just lay the sheet of paper right there on the roadway and let the traffic make the list.

I like the simple pain Samme's enduring. Nicely illustrated.

I'm also fond of the quaint guy in image #3 advising us to prepare ourselves.


Mardi Speth said...

I love the track marks and his stretched out body. Sooo funny! (And so true.) I also enjoyed the trip through your brainstorming session, as I write notes along my way too.

Rod MacGregor said...

I think you show that you prepare for your drawing ideas very carefully. I feel sorry for Samme..Love the results of your planning however.