Thursday, July 19, 2012


Man Lost in Paradise

What if we were all standing in the paradise of eternity and didn't know it? What if the thoughts and fears of ourselves and others blocked the view and the experience of what is? Of course our experience is our reality. But now much of it are we creating as a picture show in the mind and how much is in the here and now?


Rod MacGregor said...

Great drawing it feels like a paradise that I wouldn't mind getting lost in. But now you've filled my mind with too many complicated thoughts that I don't think I will be able to appreciate it!

Alice Andreini said...

Another wonderful illustration and interpretation of the word. I get lost in the details. Love palette and the overlay of color.

Richard Ewing said...

I'm not sure he realizes he's in paradise. as usual, it'll dawn on him when he's elsewhere.

love the transparency and the layers. I like the dirt texture as well.