Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The flow is fast now. There is much to do. A fall harvest is in progress.


Nina Jørgensen said...

How do you mix your watercolors so well? They always look so good!!

Richard Ewing said...

Really nice drawings! These are definitely keepers!

I want one!

Bill Jaynes said...

Thanks CSULB is still good to me. I did the gator drawings with the students.

Bill Jaynes said...

An Answer about watercolors: I find color very elusive and ethereal. For me, colors are subtle feels that can be almost heard and tasted. Certain music allows me to access color. Juana Molina is one artist. She uses lots of textures in her music. Also, having a quiet environment to work in allows me to hear and feel the color. I mix on metal butcher trays. I have one tray for warm colors, one for cool colors, and one for gray or neutral colors. I use Windsor & Newton watercolors. I leave the color on the tray after I'm finished painting so that I can find the colors I want again. Thanks for asking.

androidwilsonx said...

Love the gators

the mascot of my elementary school was a gator

Strange how drawings can bring back so many memories