Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Under the Hat

My dream life of the night invaded my day. Normally the dream, like the moon, stars and quiet of the night fades as the intensities of the direct light of day begins. This dream didn’t. Its underlying feeling stayed attached to me coloring all my interactions with the world. The dream was a powerful one. It woke me. In the dream I was on a floating couch with people I know. The couch started to crumble. All of us hung on, but each fell. It was my turn to go. I was sure it was death; the last piece of couch deteriorated under my fingers and I fell too. Yet I didn’t die. I floated up and awoke in a panic at 3:31am. The world was still in the peace of night. My day began and my night came along too as the glasses through which I perceived.