Sunday, July 18, 2010

ICON 6 Notes: Some Talking Heads

Here are my notes from the ICON 6 conference. Four days of intense illustration worlds. I was a freeway commuter this time around. Traveling from Long Beach to Pasadena every day. Beautiful Hotel, I saw many good friends and made some new ones. I had a work gig Friday afternoon and missed what I heard was the best of the conference speakers. But overall a good show with lots of divergent points of view to digest. My favorite was Istvan Banyai. He's point of view that working from the inside out, not the outside in resonates with me. Plus his stubborn resistance to the status quo was a hoot.

I left the conference with a big buzz of illustration. Today I slept 10 hours + a one nap to recover


Richard Ewing said...

hey! I didn't need to go after all... it's all HERE for me. --a non virtual, virtual experience.
Thank you.

Mike Tracy said...

I remember Ian Gooding from the Disney days- also John Mahoney and Craig Elliot. I would have loved to have seen Istvan Banyai.
Great notes, Pure Jaynes! Thanks.