Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Saturday Post

The middle of March with its choppy windblown tides and waves batters the haul of the ship of my life. In the confusion I catch glimpses of beauty: this morning’s moon glowing through a moody cloud: I see, from my car, while stopped at a traffic light, a girl and her boyfriend eating hamburgers at In and Out when suddenly the girl starts making huge circular gestural movements with her arms, not in anger, but in some magical grace that the boyfriend drinks up with delight. Then just as fast as it happened the girl returns to a subdued fast food patron. The traffic light changes and I turn right.


Richard Ewing said...

These are GREAT!
each of the 3 has a way to capture the viewer and keep 'em glued.
The first is very quietly noisy and leads me to the small lady in profile in the upper left. Seems to imply she's the source of all the bewilderment.
the 2nd one is my fav. (and is very preciousssssssss...) the colors are perfect for the expression conveyed. I wonder which side of the sketchbook he'll decide he looks best in... right side or left?
the 3rd gets me a bit disconcerted, ~the angel dream I'm gonna say is a good thing. Stay warm while there but own an exit strategy... the others are not so fortunate.

had you waited until tonight to post this would have been a 'Saturday EVENING Post' ~~a smart feather in anybody's cap!


Bill Jaynes said...


Pinecone Stew said...

INCREDIBLE illustrations!!! +Following

john allen hammer said...

i really like these. that palette and energy on the first one, and that fantastic character and line in the second one- very nice! can i have the first one? :)