Monday, July 11, 2011


A quiet evening stay at home with the family is a treat to enjoy.


Mike Tracy said...

Complete poem- "Dad" is in motion while the rest are still? Is he moonstruck or simply over-caffeinated? Lovely, lovely.

Thanks, Bill.

Richard Ewing said...

Well, it's hard to get much more cozy than this! you all fit together nicely like a family jigsaw puzzle...
I like their arms.
... anymore time passes, and I believe you'll have to build extensions to your house to accommodate your sun-flowering girls.
Looks like the moon wants to join in too, ...or maybe replace you.


Rod MacGregor said...

Great work Bill, You are my house there is no such thing as a QUIET evening stay at home!

Mardi Speth said...

Bill, this image differs from your others posts in that the color is filling the entire canvas. This approach really emphasizes your family's coziness. The apple tree seems riddled with innuendo … holding dreams for the future? Very nice sentiment and composition. Your transparent shapes always delight.