Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meeting Notes

Here's the notes for those of you who missed the meeting or want to compare.


Richard Ewing said...

It seems like such a joy to draw like you at those meetings... a steam release valve adjusted as needed.


Mike Tracy said...

Ohhhhhh,... Saints preserve us,...articulates the slow-motion madness that is a faculty meeting,...perfectly!

Bill Jaynes said...


Alice Andreini said...

It is good that you allow your mind to attend other delightful places while captive to good intentions. I am still feeling hungover form that meeting

Mardi Speth said...

Thanks for the Cliff notes, Bill. Apparently, I really missed a lot last week! That parade of colorful characters never show up at the meetings I go to. (Maybe it was something I said?)

Anonymous said...

Oh, these are GREAT! Aren't meetings the worst? I do the same thing:

Love your work, Bill! This is just great!