Monday, August 8, 2011


yep! We are and it is.


Richard Ewing said...

I like number 2 the best, except that, on that one, the guy with the hot dog nose has no one nibbling on it as in #1 and #3(sketch). how sad for him.
The whole of image #2 works best for me, and the concept for all is heavy laden with all those heads to support... ~~jeez, that guy deserves a full body message or somewhat.

The colors for the river in number one are cool as well.

(I can spend hours looking at all those faces)


Alice Andreini said...

I really like the crazy balance of the unpainted drawing..but they are all wonderful. Love the colors in the top rendition. I agree with Rick, I could spend hours looking at the mass of facisms

AHAviews said...

Yeouch! I like the flow of the top image, and how content your fellow seems with himself.

Rod MacGregor said...

My fave is the line drawing at the bottom in all of its imperfectness and inbalance..having said that..the other two are great too!!