Monday, August 1, 2011


The single thought focus of an obsession or monomania can be a productive tool.  The energy is directed like a laser beam of committed intent that can be used to achieve.  However, with an obsession that slips into an all consuming thought and desire the productive can turn destructive as the obsessed spirals in their encrusted world of emotional thoughts that imprison the mind from seeing any other possibilities.


Richard Ewing said...

I love the presidential eskimo kiss on sketch page #2... a concept in and of itself.
Placing the final fellow off center and blind to his surroundings does really well in articulating the nature of obsession: ~~totally immersed in his affairs, and his body (with the puppet-like arms) are no use to the outside reality.

I like how the clock faces are varied in number as well.
all in all a winner.


Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

That's quite the description for a fellow who obviously likes time pieces. Wonderfully, obsessively, drawn!

Unknown said...

Love all of them... especially the third down.

Rod MacGregor said...

Haha..Cool drawing as usual..reminds me of the stolen watch salesman who opens his jacket to reveal all of his watches on the insides.

Mardi Speth said...

Hahahahaha! I love it, Bill. Your Clock Man is very inventive and epitomizes the obsessive among us. And your prelims are pertetually engaging.