Thursday, May 10, 2012


Think of all the things that you are hitched or tied to: family, friends, enemies, processions ,money, places, memories.  The list is quite large.  Some hitches are stronger than others. I'm hitched to looking at the morning light reflect off the neighbor's tree.  But this tie is weak compared now I'm hitched to my family.  Most of these ties are choices we make. Therefore, the stuff you are hitched to defines your life and becomes the experience of your life. But remember these ties and hitchings are not absolute and can be changed by loosening the ropes and unhitching the trailers of stuff you don't want and hooking up to the stuff you do want.


Cindy D. said...

Really cool, loose style and so much personality in their faces. Love the hands.

Rod MacGregor said...

Great cowboy illustration..strong colours.

Richard Ewing said...

nice how you ease from textures in ink to vibrant color flashes... It shouldn't work but it does. I particularly like the textures on the guy's torso (on the left) the hand is a nice foil.

nice and meditative.
~~gives number 2 some competition. I like the simplicity.