Thursday, May 3, 2012


"Look before you Leap", "Leap of Faith", "Go Ahead and Jump"
You never know for sure if the jump will work out.  But you do know that if you hesitate or slightly pull back as you start to jump you'll end up flat on your face.  So Jump or don't Jump, but do it with full commitment. 


Mardi Speth said...

All the people drawn in black and white appear to me as the thoughts running through this guys mind as he contemplates his jump ... including the guy lying flat on his back. Go ahead and leap … the net will appear. (Or so we hope). Nice, Bill!

Alan Scott said...

I just like the whole freedom of your drawing. And how you painted in the blue. I'm always telling the students to go for it and not to sit worrying about what will come out of the pen and what their gift to posterity will be.

All art becomes toilet paper eventually.

Richard Ewing said...

those are some scary feet, must be a cyclist. He's got the most powerful legs I've seen in awhile.

He should jump. Because with those legs, he'll easily get to the other side.

Nice faces on the fates above.