Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Morning

The same old fears and anxieties haunt me. Things like the speed at which time passes and the dichotomy of the knot of fear in my stomach juxtaposed against the beauty of the quiet of the morning with its elusive low light that oh so slowly becomes the brightness of day and the soft breeze that touches the side of my face. Beauty is here for a moment then the worries inside overshadow. Yet, the anxieties feel like the choppy sea on the surface of the ocean which at its depths is calm.
Ok so much for the inner reflections, if you are near Downtown San Diego, Ca try eating at Blue Water Seafood on India Street. It is a bit of a dive, but the fish is oh so good.

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Richard Ewing said...

(You forgot to include the word of the day in your musings above). The 'Looking forward' person exemplifies the knot in your stomach down to a 'T' ... Comes from the (bird)eyes, eyebrows, mouth and tiny hat contrasting with each other & the shape of the head... and those HANDS! Those hands we see in every image here finally take over completely in the last image... Jeez, I'd better move to Montana.