Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Morning

My peaceful sleep is interrupted by the lightning bolts of anxiety in my gut. 2:44 am, Oh crap what am I forgetting to do? My inner universe is a storm. So I clean the studio. As I walk outside to throw away the trash I hear the sounds of late summer insects singing their songs to the approaching change of seasons. The outer universe of early morning is calm and quiet. A few stars wink at me knowingly seeming to say,” You fool, all is well, just do the next step.” So I close the trash can lid, walk back into the house and plan the day and week. My inner storm calms and clears a bit.

1 comment:

Richard Ewing said...

WAIT! ...were you supposed to throw that stuff OUT ?
uh-oh. more anxiety.

Love both pictures. 2nd one is confused and organized at once.