Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Antone wondered why this angel kept bouncing off his head.
 Was it  trying to tell him something or was it just having a good time? or both?
© 2102 Bill Jaynes 

Bong, bong, bong, goes the bounce of life through the August heat.


Richard Ewing said...


of course, the angel is just having fun... He can do as he pleases, he has evangelistic tenure!
I like Antone's eyes, at once rolling AND keeping a lookout for what going on.

The sketchbook drawings are a joy, I like the guy bouncing outa bed, and the animated sequences of the rubbery folk.

Claire Wildish said...

Ha! Ha! HA!!!! So crazy and fun!! What a great idea.

tanja loeser said...

i really like the moment you captured for this couple, a great still of a superbouncing second in their life! fun!

Mardi Speth said...

I love Antone's expression, Bill. The angels are very funny – they seem to been drawn (ha, ha) like moths to a flame. A bit mindless of them, eh? Sorry I've been a bad follower lately ... life has me bouncing all over the place … but I've enjoyed catching up today.

I like both Lonelies. They harmonize nicely as a pair. I can feel the weight of humanity in Carry. The forward trudging movement is a nice counterpoint to their whimsical ( and sometimes exaggerated) burdens. Your art is always a delight.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

Lots of good bouncing going on here. My eyes can't help but bounce from drawing to drawing ;) I especially like those little angel sketches of them bouncing from cloud to cloud. Lively and fun!

laura kay said...

love your style, it's very fun and lively...reminds me of Quentin Blake.

Koosje Koene said...

I sure hope it didn't cause any headaches!
Nice to see all these sketches too. They're great.

Alice Andreini said...

I like the sketch of the angels bouncing on the cloud as well. So much bouncing going on it make we want to get bouncy.

You final drawing is a delightful. The seriousness on the perplexed Antoine vs the silliness of the angel create a delightful/ only in(or on) Bill's head moment.