Friday, August 24, 2012

Teacher & It's (not) on the Syllabus

I use the same syllabus that I give to the students. Mine looks a little different at the end of the semester.


Richard Ewing said...

These are FANTASTIC!

If only the students could have these copies... yours would be the only ones they'd keep.

just great!

Koosje Koene said...

wow, these look great! If yoy have result like this every emester, that will be a wonderful collection!

Rod MacGregor said...

I love these...those students would be envious!

Mardi Speth said...

Your top post is hilarous! I assume that's you at the head of the class, levitating upside down. I especially like that the students appear to take your anti-gravitational feat in stride. (The whiteboard drawing is a crack up). The real cherry is the student in the foreground focused on his ipod. So true, so true.

(Hmmm, my syllabi don't look anything like yours. Your classes must be way more fun.)